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Article: Design Strategy

Design Strategy






Material composition. Expansion rate. Wall thickness. These three primary variables dictate the performance and durability of a fishing rod. There’s a world of possibilities. Understanding how these variables can be optimized to create the perfect tool for a specific application is what makes Diamondback rods unique.

Fishing rod actions are a subjective thing. There is no numerical target to dictate truly ideal performance with a math equation, because the proper feeling and power is dictated by human preference. The performance of a fishing rod in any given situation largely depends on how well the person designing the rod understands what the rod needs to do. Blank design and component strategy including hardware, grip, guide style, size and spacing are all important variables.

There is no substitute for fishing experience when it comes to designing a fly rod. Understanding the range of tactics anglers are using with specific rod models is crucial to optimize the high-tech materials and components available to design with today. Knowledge of the popular fly line styles and head weights for each line weight class, common leader choices and fly patterns, and firsthand experience in challenging fishing conditions all contribute to quality rod design.

Diamondback rods are truly designed in real fishing scenarios. Experience helps establish a starting point for any given rod model, but adjustments are made on the water—casting weighted saltwater flies into a headwind from shore for False Albacore, tracking a pair of caddis pupa down a mid-river current break for wild Brown Trout, absorbing the brutal vertical battle of a Bluefin Tuna, setting the hook on a surprise boatside eat from a big Musky, rock-hopping for native Brook Trout in a mountain stream. Our experience helps separate our designs from our competitors.

Firsthand experience in challenging fishing conditions contribute to quality rod design...

...that's what makes Diamondback rods unique.