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About Us

As of April 2022, we've rebranded to Diamondback Fly Rods.

Our updated brand logo features a classic style typeface to pay homage to the earliest Diamondback carbon and fiberglass fly rods crafted in the Morrisville/Stowe production facility in central Vermont. Creating great fly rods is an art form, and products like Backwater, Carbonite, Classic Trout, Diamondglass, and Golden Shadow (and many others) reflect the passionate efforts of those rod builders that came before us. Although the Morrisville, Vermont plant closed in 2007, we have not lost our Vermont roots. Unique new fly rod tapers are being developed and refined under the Diamondback brand in Vermont once again.


New Diamondback rods reflect developments under the direction of product design specialist Joe Goodspeed. Joe brings over a decade of manufacturing and design experience in the fly fishing industry to Diamondback—including managing fly line production for Cortland Line Company (2009-2014), fly rod development for Thomas & Thomas fly rods (2015-2021), and signature fly design for Fulling Mill (since 2018). With an incredibly successful launch of the Ideal Nymph and Tactical Long series, Joe is continuously designing, developing, and testing new series fit for diverse applications.