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Ideal Nymph Reel

Sale price$475.00
Ideal Nymph Reel
Ideal Nymph Reel Sale price$475.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Adam Korman
My bias is from experience. AMAZING Reels and Rods!

For disclosure I am a guide that uses these reels & rods. With that said I own almost 10 of them and we have fished from small brook trout streams to 30 inch steelhead out of Lake Erie. Not only doe these reels and rods hold up, balance, and cast accurately. As I describe it to clients, will you make a cast with a monofilament leader and your rod returns back to "zero and does not pull your flies out of where you just poke them," then you have one of your best tools in your hand. The reels are outmatched and don't get enough traction. Listen, you get what you pay for. These reels are in the top range of price BUT they are alone in perforce, drag, balance, and design. I can't say enough about the Aeroflex. These rods perform in any range of experienced to non-experienced casters so well but if I had a local shop that sold them I may be their best salesman. They are durable, incredibly accurate, transfer energy exactly the way they were designed and I needed to. Buy one, by 10 you won't regret it.

Upcountry Sportfishing
Ideal Nymph Reel- Upcountry Sportfishing

Best Euro Nymphing reel on the market in our opinion. We love the offset reel foot, awesome drag, and easy to grip handle. It's our best selling Euro reel.

Wader of The Lost Ark
Great design/execution, works well, looks bad ass......high value!!

I bought the 3/4 reel.

Great product, great machining, weight system is intuitive and sleek. Also to note is the rearward foot offset design + weights pushed back the balance point 2.5"-3" on my 10'6" 3wt, when compared to my usual 4wt reel. That got me well onto the cork and made the pivot point much better. Casting is much more intuitive now because hand placement fits into the geometry/physics of the system.

I also really appreciated the quick reply from Joe when I emailed with some questions.

Kudos, I hope the fire keeps catching here at DB!

Robert Cheong
Such A Great Performing Rod and Reel

Took my brand new 10 foot 2Wt rod and reel on its maiden outing for some tropical jungle river fishing and I was totally blown away. The rod and reel combo gave me so much confidence that I just concentrated on my fishing and forgot about the equipment ... it just does NOT get in the way of the fishing. The rod had a strong backbone and could pretty much handle the mahseers I was targeting. What a great rod and reel!

Helena Fischer
Ideal Nymph Rod and Reel

The rod was great. It was light and sensitive. Great for small nymphs and drys. The reel balanced the rod very well. The reel is definitely nicer than other esn reels.